The Library is a great place to hold meetings, small gatherings, family Christmas etc. See above for pictures of it.

For Ice availability please see the link below:

The Belmore community centre contains a large hall, small hall, kitchen, library, ice surface, and a two pad curling rink with a lounge.

To rent the hall and library, contact Kim Harris at 519-889- 0326

To rent the ice surface see above.

To rent the curling contact Sonya at 519-335- 3360

There is a committee called the community centre board. This board meets the third Monday of each month in the library at 8pm. They make decisions on the upkeep and well being of the community centre.

Hall and Meeting Rooms

For Bookings of the Ice Surface contact Rose and Warren Weber at 519-392-8215, or by email at:

Ice Surface

Pub Tables

Come out and Enjoy Free Sponsored Public Skating every Sunday from 3 pm - 5 pm

The Curling Lounge is available to rent for small events such as family Christmas or other gatherings. For information about Curling and to rent the lounge call (519) 335-3360

Curling Lounge

Six pub height tables are available for use in the hall, library and curling lounge. Cost is $10 per table payable to the Curling Club. Black table clothes are available for use with the pub tables. Please indicate on rental agreement that you would like to use the tables at your event.


The Auditorium contains both a small hall and a large hall, that can be either closed off from one another or open to create one large hall. This space is great for Wedding Receptions, Stag and Doe's, large meetings or any other large gatherings. Click Here to see pictures of the hall decorated.

For more information or to rent contact Evelyn at (519) 392-6095.