Belmore Catering is well known for their delicious home cooked meals. It is a volunteer run catering group that can provide meals for many different events held in the community centre. They provide a large menu to choose from and will plan a custom meal for you. For inquires and other information please contact

Ellen Underwood at or 519-392-8573

Belmore Catering Committee

Chair : Ellen Underwood
Vice Chair: vacant

Secretary: Roberta Kramp

Treasurer: Karen Mawhinney

Co-ordinator: Ellen Underwood at present

Volunteer contact : Teresa Detzler

Convenors: Laurie Willits, Teresa Detzler,  &Karen Mawhinney

Inventor/ Purchasing : Brenda Kraemer 

Belmore Catering is still seeking more volunteers especially for the positions of Chair, Vice Chair,

Co-ordinator and Convenor. Please contact anyone on the Catering committee if you are interested

in learning more about these position.

Many hands make light work! 

Have a caterer that you love and would like to have at your next event?  The Belmore kitchen is now available to be rented and used by anyone. Please contact Kim Harris at regarding pricing for the use of the kitchen.

Contact us today to start planning your next event!

Belmore Catering

To book a space please contact Kim Harris at 519-889-0326 or for Hall, Library, and Arena Floor rentals or Sonya Graham at 519-335-3360 for curling rentals. For bookings of the ice surface contact Rose and Warren Weber at 519-392-8215, or by email at

The Belmore Community Centre is a great location for your next event. The building contains large and small halls, library space, curling lounge and ice surface. 

Our newly renovated hall is the ideal location for weddings, stag and does, Christmas parties or family reunions.

To start planning your next event, please click the rental schedule button to check availability. 

Event Hosting