​is back on!

Attention Ladies of the community! Join in for social time Wednesday mornings ( Starting Oct 27) in the Lounge. 

Coffee, tea and lite breakfast (Coffee $2.00, Lite breakfast $2.00)

Starts at 9:00 am until whenever.

Hope you all can join us.

Please let any and all Ladies know that may not be computer savvy. 

These mornings are sponsored by the Belmore Chamber of Commerce

Hamlet with a Heart 

We as a community are all very aware of the War in Ukraine. At our Annual General Meeting of the Belmore Chamber of Commerce, we witnessed first hand how people are being impacted.  

We had a moment of silence in recognition of the people of this war torn country. Little did we know that one of the speakers at our meeting, Micheal Pahor, was a direct descendent of Ukraine. He was profoundly impacted and grateful for the thoughtfulness our community showed in taking the time to think of the people of Ukraine. He explained to us that his family is in the process of getting his cousin’s wife and children out of Ukraine and his cousin will stay behind to fight for his country. To all who were at the meeting it was very emotional to listen to this young man tell his story.  

We see and hear of all the devastation on the news but to realize there are people right in our own communities impacted directly was very sad. At our monthly Chamber of Commerce meeting we talked of how we as a community can help this young man and his family. 

From this discussion, we decided to ask the community to donate to this family.  

Anyone wishing to donate can do so by e transfer to or by giving to the Chamber of Commerce directors listed below.  The donation deadline is June 19th. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of Ukraine.  

Nigel VanDyk       226-668-1365 
Chris Inglis           519-807-8475              

Janet Marston      519-392-6759
Dave Eadie          519-292-1631     

Brett McPherson  519-503-7812

Kyra Wright

Belmore Catering is seeking Volunteers!

Belmore catering is back! Are you interested in having a leading role on the newly revamped Belmore Catering Committee? Are you well organized, able to priorities and enjoy cooking? The catering committee has just the job for you, 2 positions are currently available as convenors. 

Please contact any member of the Belmore Catering Committee for more information.  

Thank you!!
“We would like to thank the Nuclear Waste Management Organization for their generous donation for the entertainment at the 1st Annual Belmore Syrup Festival Beer Tent. Adam Cousins & his band were fantastic. We hope that everyone who attended had a great time! "

Advertisement billboard spaces are now available. Spaces are located on the inside north wall of the Arena. Please contact Warren Weber, Chris Inglis (home 519-367-3134 or cell 519-807-8475) or Jeremy Underwood ( for more information.

Community Sponsored "Free" Public Skating

Thank you to our Community Sponsors for their generosity!
If you would like to be a community public skating sponsor, please contact or text/call 519-889-0065.

The Lounge 

The Lounge (formerly known as the Library) renovation is now complete and is open for business.

Lounge now offers a kitchenette, complete with full fridge, microwave, coffee maker and sink and a half.

New pricing for this space is available under rental prices. 

Please see before and after photos below.